“All three of my children have received so much more than cricket coaching from the coaches; they have really ‘looked out’ for my kids and been there when a conversation was needed – either by the children or us as parents. Thank you!”

Melissa, school and camp parent

“The coaches have an amazing and unique way with the children. Inspirational leadership through learning sport and sport, teaching the core human values of respect and teamwork. I am sure they will / have become better people through knowing the coaches.”

Michael, school and camp parent

“One of our children who has been going to camp consistently for at least 5 years approached 2 of our coaches just the other week and said how for a long while he would hear the coaches try to help him with his anger and difficult behaviour and that he just wanted to ignore them. He then went on to say how he now knows that these ways of acting aren't right and that he knows he needs to make the right decisions and thanked the coaches for helping him.
This is a boy who for many years has been a tricky customer on camp, but this last camp he won some awards for his display of good character and the difference in him over the last year has really shone through!”

Byron, Sports Camp Director

“I really like ‘GET Sported’ (WSM’s local school & camp ministry) coming in to our school. The coach treats us as individuals and goes slowly enough for us to really understand what we need to learn. I love it that each week I’m improving my sporting ability but also that we have a different word to focus on that helps us in sport but also in wider life; that word also links to the Bible and I have enjoyed learning more about Jesus and God’s heart for me as a person.”

Theo (aged 11)

“A young person who had attended our sports outreach about 3 times over the last 2 years, came to our Friday night sports session Just before Christmas and he stole another young person's phone who attends regularly. Having asked the young people who took it, no one knew who it was but eventually I had suspicions who it could be and eventually the phone was tracked to a particular estate so we did some research to find who lived in the area. We tracked down (who it possibly could be,)and located the young person's dad on the estate who told us where the mum lived and he told us his son took the phone and the mum was planning to return it. We had a good chat to the dad and said we would invite him to our sports Quiz. This was a great opportunity to meet the parents.

We went to the young boy's mum where we retrieved the phone; we had a good chat to the boy, inviting him back to the Friday night sports club. We also shared our testimony with the young person and his family. As we left the house, I was prompted to ask "what do you need for Christmas?" The mum replied "a cooker" as they didn't have one. Meanwhile, Dave and I were able to help the family financially by getting them a cooker and installation, washing machine and a tumble dryer. A Christmas hamper was also put together with help from some people from our church as well as a gift of some food shopping.

We invited the family to church - the mum, boyfriend and sister who has learning difficulties. We have been engaging with them by buying shopping and a couple of home visits. They came to church twice then then they disengaged for a while.
The church gave an invitation to accept Christ in which they responded. It turns out that the boyfriend gave his life to Christ whilst in prison some time back.

I visited them yesterday to see if they were ok as they had not come to church or been in contact. They said they were coming to church Sunday."

Israel, Poole CST Leader
amy lavery, 18/12/2019