Detached Sport Ministry 


Teenagers can be effectively reached and disciples
by engaging with them ‘out where they are'. 


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What: Engaging with teenagers where they hang out in the community joining in or inviting them to join in with casual sports related activities (e.g basketball hoop shooting, football kick around, skate boarding etc)

Why:  To build relationships and seek ‘people of peace’ to invest further time with as you seek to make disciples. Reaching teenagers in the comfort of their surroundings

Where: Local parks, skate parks, any areas where teenagers hang out.

Duration: As often as you feel lead to – more regular contact allowed deeper relationships and trust to be built allowing a platform for the gospel to be shared and for discipleship. It also provides an opportunity to invite them to other relevant events you may have planned.

Would you like to understand more about how to engage with youth in your local area?

Download our Detached Sports Ministry Manual.

amy lavery, 20/12/2019