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Wow! Last month was pretty action packed - even with many still in the grip of a global pandemic. Disciples are made if disciple-makers are multiplied, and here at WSM we have been attempting to model ministry locally as restrictions ease and major on multiplying elsewhere by doing what Paul urges Timothy to do in his second letter to him, (below) teaching and training others as we have been taught and then encouraging them to teach and train others likewise. 

Below you will read more of God's goodness and I hope you will join us to find out more of what lies ahead by joining us on Zoom on March 23rd. (scroll to the bottom to register)

As ever, thanks for your ongoing prayer and support.

Stand Strong!
Grant & Team WSM

Day 3  'HIGHER'-50


Back in the Game!

                                                                      Local Ministry

Thankfully, Covid-19 restrictions are slowly loosening in the UK! Despite being in full lockdown, during the recent February half-term holiday, we were able to serve a school and reach the children of 'critical workers' in Bath.
The Lord was busy impacting young lives experientially: 

"On Thursday I was able to talk to the children about the Good Samaritan and how although the man who had been beaten would likely have been a Jew and like rival football teams with the Samaritans, but that the Samaritan still showed love and went the extra mile to see to his needs.  One of the boys responded, "a bit like enemies?" This gave a great opportunity to talk about the word ‘enemy’ and that we don’t have to go though life having ‘enemies’ and to desire the healing of relationships. I also shared about how Jesus was and is the greatest person to want to help us and how He laid down His life for us and how we can do the same for others. Then, when playing a game where the children were given a chance to get their peers back in the game, those who had fallen out were clearly getting one another back into the game and thanking one another for helping them and promising to do the same for one another.  It was such a sweet moment to see them putting what they had learnt in the story into practice and to see how that then changed the atmosphere between two of the boys for the rest of the camp."
Byron, Camp Leader.


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Please pray for upcoming UK camps at Easter.
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African Action

                                                                    International Ministry

Active outreach continues in many nations including Malawi where local men's and women's soccer teams have played fixtures and shared their faith. One team coach reported with great joy: "Our team lost 2-1 on Saturday, but won 15 new souls to Jesus - the greatest of victories!"

Ministry teams in Burundi continued to reach into precious communities and share the great news through various activities.

- A 'sports roadshow' reached 3,150 people, with 946 choosing to begin following Jesus and 47 receiving physical healing. 
- A sports festival reached 1,479 people and saw 271 of them commit to Jesus. 
- A soccer tournament impacted 300 locals with 20 choosing to follow our Lord.


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