Ministry Focus

'Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.'
Psalm 127:1 

Hi everyone, I hope your May has begun brilliantly?

There are two ways to build:
1. With your own ideas and in your own strength, or
2. Partner with God in what He is building.

So many things take so much of our 'energy,' even 'good things,' and yet, to what end? Therefore, it's crucial that we hear our Father in heaven and then do what He asks us to do, ensuring that it's committed to Him and that we surrender to the extent that it's Him at work through and around us. 

Below are some recent happenings of the Holy Spirit at work as God continues to build His Kingdom on earth as in heaven.

Thank you for your kind and generous support in His work and may He build everything He has in mind in and through your own life.

God bless you and stand strong!
Grant & Team WSM

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                                                                      A Year of Impact

Our ministry year is from April to March and we want to praise God for all that He did through our partnering network of teams, leaders and diverse ministries in the past year. Because of this, we expect to see Jesus impact many more lives and multiply servant hearted ministry teams in many more places.


                                                                       Hope & Salvation

April was another amazing month of reach and life-change.

Easter Sports Camps in Kenya, Burundi and multiple UK cities saw 550 children and youth impacted with the great news of Jesus and 236 of them said 'YES' to wanting to follow Him!

Also in Burundi, a further 6,539 people were reached through a Road Show, a soccer tournament and sports ministry within a prison. The message of 'true hope' saw 1,142 choose to begin following Jesus.

Glory to God!



   Investing Into Others
In Malawi, partners helped deliver a 28 day training school majoring on Sports Chaplaincy. 40 leaders were equipped to be able to serve and reach effectively into sports teams within the country.

 In Bujumbura, Burundi the team staged a day of empowering women to minister in and through sports and to develop entrepreneurship skills to help fund their ministries and families. 48 ladies attended and the modelling of outreach saw 13 women choose to follow Jesus. 

Thank You Lord!

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Our network of teams and leaders are growing and hungry to reach more people and equip more people-reachers. We also have wonderful opportunities to help begin ministries in new and unreached places throughout the world. To build into these nations and leaders, we have to grow our capacity - could you consider helping us financially so that we can?

Help us Build

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