'Passion & Compassion'

Ministry Focus

'When He saw the crowds, he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.'
Matthew 9:36

How do you see people?

If we are becoming more like Jesus, we will see people as He does.
In these uncertain times, the world appears even more confused and helpless - truly like wandering sheep in need of protection and care from a good shepherd. 

Jesus is the Good Shepherd and defines the 'state of play' in the next two verses:

He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask Him to send more workers into his fields.”
Matthew 9:37-38

Here at WSM, we are doing just that - praying for the Lord to send workers to reap changing lives from His harvest. We are so grateful for all the staff and volunteers that He has sent that serve so faithfully in this relevant work, yet there is so much need for many more. 

Could you combine your passion for Him and a compassion for people and make a real difference wherever you are?

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Perhaps you are called for a time such as this? 

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Re-start in Schools

Local Ministry

Covid-19 may have reduced opportunities over recent months, but doors have re-opened locally to be able to re-engage in a number of schools where our coaches have relished connecting with children by delivering PE lessons and after school clubs either at school or nearby in local parks. Hundreds of children are getting active, receiving brilliant coaching and developing character through our experiential and Biblical approach. The reach is not limited to the children alone as one parent opened up about a family issue and discussed it at length with a coach resulting in the opportunity to pray for her. 


IMG 4596

Please pray for our coaches and for opportunities to reach into new schools. Could you start a coaching ministry?


Soccer 'Stars'

 International Ministry

Our partner teams in Africa continue to reach out to people using sport and lives are changing!

Last week in Burundi, outreaches through two different teams in two different cities saw 58 people choose to start following Jesus as the gospel was proclaimed following locally arranged soccer matches. four people also testified to being healed having received prayer! It was also wonderful to see many received Bibles and get connected with the 20 new leaders recently trained in sports ministry from 12 different churches.

     Could you help see more lives impacted in Africa?


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