Time with 'the Coach'

Ministry Moments

He says, “Stop your striving and recognize that I am God. I will be exalted over the nations! I will be exalted over the earth!”
Psalm 46:10

We just want to go back to normal don't we?

Or do we? The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused many of us to slow down or perhaps completely pause, and despite the many difficult problems this has brought, I'm sure you'll agree that God has used this to remind us to do what Psalm 46:10 says and renew our intimacy with Him and other important people in our lives.

Here at WSM, we are desperately missing the many active outreach concepts that we usually partake in, particularly here in the UK, where despite restrictions easing, opportunities are still very limited. Yet, we have really 'stopped striving' and are using this time as a fantastic opportunity to review what we are called to do and seek God as to what that looks like moving forward so that we can contribute to seeing Him 'exalted over all the earth.'

This 'time with the Coach' is precious and one that we believe is akin to us being in 'training' ready to be at our strongest for when the new season begins. How about you right now? Concerned or content? Perplexed or at peace? Angry or in anticipation? 

Sit at His feet and strengthen for what is to come. 

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Baptisms in Burundi

International Ministry

Despite much of the world severely restricted right now, sports outreach has continued in Burundi thankfully due to less infections and wow, the Lord is honouring the faithfulness of those willing to 'GO!' 

Recent regular soccer outreach has led to 90 new believers in Jesus in three different districts, and what a joy to now see an initial 20 of these people declare that publicly through water baptism.

Jesus is changing lives and His kingdom advances for His glory; please stand with us in faith, prayerfully covering these initiatives in Burundi and beyond.


Burundi Baptisms

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Balls & Bibles - Thank You!

 An opportunity to support

Thank you to those that gave to our on-going appeal to help fund 'Balls & Bibles' for our partnering work in Africa. 

What a joy to be able to bless leaders with crucial tools to enable effective ministry. 

1. Footballs - to help engage with people desperate to play.
2. Bibles - to help equip people that come to Christ. 

As you can see, these have already been put to good use where ministry engagement is still permitted. Can you help us support other leaders in Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and Malawi? 

£10 gets 1 football to a coach who can engage  with a small group.
£15 gets 1 Bible to a near or new believer to help them grow.

Could you help at least one coach and / or person today?


Burundi Balls & Bibles

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