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80% of the world play or watch sport. 
Is it time you tapped into the powerful world of sport
to help change lives?

The apostle Paul said ‘I will become all things to all people to reach them.’ (1 Cor 9:22-23) and is there a bigger realm of influence than sport?
So why not make sport a part of your mission as a church, an individual or as an organisation?

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WSM has a heart to help train and empower people to start sports ministry teams and/or run effective strategies that make a real difference in local communities. Please contact us to see if we could help you.
    “We have seen several families now join our church through partnering with WSM on sports camps – it’s so great to see children bringing their parents to church!”
    - Lizzie, Children’s Pastor, UK

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Can you help us to help others ‘Get in the Game?’ 
amy lavery, 10/12/2019